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Mike, I did it! I am so excited I actually changed our events and added the Parade. Thanks.

Marie Price
Publications Director
Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association

 When our Association decided to develop a web site, I was concerned because all my experience with the Internet was just "surfing." But after working with Mike on our web site for the past six months, I have learned a lot. I still have more to learn, but Mike is always there to answer my questions or help with a problem.

Sherdian Stanford
Publications/Communication Coordinator
Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association


Earl Fisher of Fisher Builders
Dear Mike:

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all of your hard, diligent work in setting up our web site, Just having a web site has already paid off enough to cover the expenses over the next two years. I probably use my site in a different manner than other builders or remodelers. I don't expect clients to accidentally come across my site and decide to ask me for an estimate. I use traditional methods to first locate prospective customers-door hangers, word of mouth, and an occasional newspaper ad. It's what I do with those methods that seems to pay off. On every door hanger, on every business card I hand out, our web site is prominent. Once the customer calls me and I visit with them, I always tell them it's their turn to visit us-to take a tour of our web site so they can see pictures of work we have done, pictures of my crew, and other information that might be pertinent to the type of work they are requesting from me.

I also feel that having a web site is better than other means I have used on my existing and former customer base. For instance, we now tell customers on our larger jobs that they can watch a visual program that charts the progress we are making on their job as it occurs. My customers love this added feature to their remodeling projects. Another bonus has been with my employees. They, too, enjoy seeing themselves in our job pictures, and everywhere they go they tell friends and potential clients to have a look at our web site.

You have also been a great help in setting up our site and teaching my office manager, Leslie, to add to and change the site as we need. Leslie has earned her designation as webmaster, if anyone has.

So, once again, Mike, thanks for a terrific job. We love our web site.

Earl Fisher

 Good Morning,
Thanks for your call yesterday. You are right. It works great now. I appreciate your looking into that. I'm loving my website & am getting VG response. I'm in the process of updating it to bring in even more business. I'm so glad you showed me what a benefit it was to have a LOCAL site.


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