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SEO Audits


Every online business owner should have an SEO audit done on their website at least once. If you never had one this is very eye opening and when the changes are implemented you will start to see more traffic to your website from organic searches.

The biggest "bang for buck" right now in SEO is cleaning up & optimizing onsite factors. Without question. 
This has a MASSIVE impact across literally all of your site's current rankings (it boosts them across the board) - and unlike external promotion, it can happen very quickly.
Here's why this is arguably our most effective and important service:
- We have direct experience with fixing on-site issues for well over 1000 sites in our collective experience. This is an area we know intimately.
- if the items in this product report are fixed, then this will dramatically increase your site's quality score and therefore directly fight against Google Panda.
The effects of decreasing any present "Panda Penalty" and therefore increasing your QS will likely result in a boost in rankings across the board.
* For any NEW site, this should be ordered immediately. 
* Plus, the site will very likely get a boost within 2-8 weeks of the issues actually being resolved (which we detail in the report)
Time Saved: Usually several days of your time doing this - or even weeks. The better way to look at it as how much opportunity is currently being lost by your business (or clients) as a result of low exposure across the board, from a poor Panda "score".

What's included: 


1 x Reference & Explanatory Document 
1 x Analysis & Action List Report (This is the main report)
The following sections will be included in each report, in detail:
* Indexing
* Duplicate Content
* Thin Content
* Title Tags
* Meta Descriptions
* Pages with Broken Links
* Site Structure
* Site Speed
What is NOT included: 
* We will not uncover and report every every single problem that your site has, this is not feasible or even necessary.
We will cover only the number of pages in the package you've chosen.
However - we will list the most important items that need to be fixed (80-20 rule). Fixing these issues is that will actually MOVE the needle.
WE select the pages that get new titles/descriptions, based on duplication, missing tags, content lenth and our perceived importance of the pages. 
What to Expect 
If you fix these errors that we report (not some of them, but all of them) you can expect significant boosts in the SERP's.
 Obviously, it depends on the size of the site - the current state of indexing, content, duplications etc 
The more trouble your site is in, the better results you can expect. The reality is that 99% of sites have serious issues and they go without being addressed. Thus, this requires more linking to get to where you want to rank.
Fix these issues and within 2-8 weeks you'll see your rankings increase. (depends on the current crawl rates of your site, the size of the site and when Google updates their Panda algo internally...usually every 2-4 weeks)



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