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Realty Agency Package

Our company philosophy is based on teaching you what you need to know to make the best use of the Internet as a tool to accomplish your business/sales goals. Building Applications works with you to take your marketing message and branding on-line in a way that looks professional and is practical. We build each client their own individualized web site structure that can then be managed by them using a variety of applications that become important tools in marketing and delivering service to their clients. We but our clients in charge of their Internet strategy so that they can quickly make additions and changes to their website. We also give our clients control of their e-mail so that they can easily set up new accounts and also set up mailing lists for marketing purposes. Our traffic analysis tool gives extensive iformation on web site taffic that allows our clients to make informed decisions on what is working and what is not.


Realtor Package $4000.00 Set-up plus $150 quarterly for hosting and $100 annually per agent. Includes the following:

  • A professional Home Page that establishes the style and look of the Web Site. (1 page with logo and multiple images).
  • A site that is both simple to navigate and that projects a positive image throughout. It also will give your company the ability to make everyday changes as the need arises. We focus on helping you think like your potential clients so that they find what they are looking for fast.
  • A contact page and thank you page that encourages a visitor to register for more information (2 pages with logo)
  • A page that orients potential clients to what services you offer that will go to the following: (1 page with one image and logo)
  • Listing page that directs to all homes and plans that you list. Will be dynamically created (from a database) pages with front elevation or photo, floor plans and description of features.
  • Maping showing location of homes listed.
  • A page about your company.
  • 15 additional pages that include but are not limited to, buyer information, seller information, mortgage information with calculator, area schools, area places of interest, information about the area you serve, calendar of local events, sports, local weather, news, area links, etc. This is planned by the agency to best meet the needs of their client base.
  • A page for each agent that they can manage with their own unique domain to link to that page.
  • An e-mail account for each agent.
  • Each agent also has the ability to feature their listings on the site.
  • Each agent can also display under their name all avaialble properties in their local MLS if that service exists in their area (this usally involves an extra charge paid to the local board of realtors).
  • A blog that can be contributed to by any or all agents on news that effects the area or real estate matters that would be of concern to potential or current clients.
  • Traffic analysis reports 24/7
  • Poles
  • All pages to load at 56k in less than 10 seconds. Registration of URL and maintenance of same. Set up web hosting and maintain same.
  • 10 additional e-mail accounts.


For a total of $6000 we will also develop a marketing look including logo, colors and the branding needed to print brochures, billboards and other marketing materials. We work with agencies to help them apply their online strategy through traditional marketing tools.

*Includes 2 hour training so that you can manage, maintain and add to your own site
No limit to additional pages you add yourself.

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